Woman Who was Blind in One Eye Healed!

Today (Sunday) started out as “one of those days.” I woke up late, and got lost trying to find a remote church. On the way to the remote church, the cashier at 7-11 managed to spill scalding coffee all over my hand. Everything inside me wanted to scream from all the pent up fatigue of ministry and culture shock.

Since I was already halfway to Tagum City, I decided to give up on finding that church and went ahead to visit a family there who had their father in the ICU of the public hospital from a motorcycle accident.

That’s when my day started getting better. I was able to not only pray for him, but one thing led to another under the favor of God and I was eventually wearing scrubs and a mask praying for all the children in the Pediatric ICU. I watched a mother’s eyes light up with joy when her infant diagnosed with pneumonia woke up and made eye contact with her. I cannot put into words the pain I saw throughout that ICU and the entire hospital.

This precious woman told me she was blind in her right eye from diabetes and requested prayer. As I prayed for her, Jesus healed her and she received her sight back!

On the way out of the hospital I felt led to go to a distant building which happened to be where many of the cancer patients stay. I ended up praying for about six of them. One of their visitors said she was blind in her right eye from diabetes and asked me to pray for her. After I prayed for her, she received her sight back! Hallelujah!

Many of these precious people are cancer patients and their visitors. I had the honor of praying for most of them.

Here I am writing this drinking a cold juice at a coffee shop (I learned my lesson earlier) in Tagum marveling at what God did today. It doesn’t matter how the day starts: It can still be a great day!