Our Mission is to see nations come to Jesus, one soul at a time. We have a vision for Davao City, Philippines, at the southern point of the Island of Mindanao, it is a unique and strategic place. The great export from the Philippines is its people immigrating to foreign lands. Filipinos are the workers of the world and as they go to all nations, they can be the arrows of the Lord. These workers become workplace evangelists, but they first must be reached with the Gospel of Jesus.

Though our recent focus has been on Ministry in the Philippines, particularly Mindanao, we are called to all nations, to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ by demonstrating the power of the Word of God.  Jesus commands us to go into all the world preaching the Gospel to every creature.

By the blood of Jesus, by the mercy of the cross, we are empowered to see miraculous healings both for the physical body and seeing condemned sinners come to salvation.

We have been involved in promoting fledgling Churches, establishing Bible schools to train leaders, promoting evangelism, and giving humanitarian aide to the poor. But the ultimate goal is winning the lost to Jesus Christ. Our ministry has extended to the Philippines, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Argentina, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands.