War in Mindanao only 160 Miles From Us

On May 23, 2017, ISIS-supported rebels called the Maute group tried take over the city of Marawi. They started murdering civilians and police and then burned down a Catholic school. Things sadly got worse from there as they took several thousand people hostage. This prompted the President of the Philippines to declare martial law over our entire island. The military has been locked in heavy battle with these evil Muslim extremists for about 60 days and has claimed the lives of over 500 people. The terrorists seemingly have a large reserve of ammunition to fight back with which means they were prepared for a much bigger assault, but were thankfully contained by the Philippine military.  The intense air strikes and artillery strikes have left many places of Marawi in ruins.

Over 400,000 people have been displaced by this conflict and many are in refugee camps around the Philippines. There are so many people who have lost everything. I have asked several times to go to the refugees to help them, but I have been turned down every time as they will not allow “foreigners” into the refugee camps. The battleground is only 160 miles (six hour’s drive) from our home in Davao City. Please pray for us and our island.