This Little Boy Was Healed!

One day after church, a father came up to me with his little boy named Reza Jhon and wanted to meet me. His son had a painful lump inside his head under his nose and it would sometimes cause severe nosebleeds. While all this was happening, the father was away from his son working in Malaysia. As a father myself, I cannot imagine the feeling his situation working in another country away from his sick little boy, but this is where it gets good. Someone brought him to the church last year while I was speaking and I prayed for him. After I prayed for him the pain and bleeding stopped and never came back! The father was so thankful for the miracle that when he arrived back in the Philippines he made a point of coming and thanking me personally for praying for Reza Jhon. I stopped him and said, “Please don’t thank me. Thank Jesus! Jesus is the one who healed your son!”