I’m Going to Be on TV Soon!

MTV Spoiler

At the end of the year due to a host of difficult circumstances, Edge Radio stopped broadcasting to Davao City and closed its doors. I was so heartbroken that I sobbed through my last radio show saying goodbye to my listeners. It seemed that after five great years of broadcasting and thousands of souls hearing the Gospel that my media ministry was ending.  Just last week, I was unexpectedly invited to be a Video Jockey on a Christian music video show on two cable TV channels.

Two days later, I was being filmed on the set. After struggling through my lines for the first filming, I quickly realized that TV is a lot harder than radio, but I am so thankful for this challenge and opportunity to present the Gospel through television and music. I am excited for the platform this will provide to reach more people for Jesus especially among the youth! Please pray that this exciting new ministry is a successful blessing for the Kingdom of God.

MTV Spoiler 2