Emily got to minister to 30,000 Youth at a Huge Revival!

Davao Youth Fest

An Estimated 30,000 Youth came to celebrate Jesus at the Davao Youth Fest in May 2016

Emily was given the microphone to kick off an event of tens of thousands of youth celebrating Jesus at the Davao Youth Festival in May 2016. This event had an estimated 30,000 youth at an outdoor event celebrating Jesus! It was started through prayer every week at the Davao City capital and it lead to a giant rally about Jesus! Several churches came together to put this huge event on as they preached the Gospel and had amazing praise and worship going late into the evening. This is one of the most exciting things I have seen and really looks like the beginnings of revival in Davao City.

This effectual door was opened through her partnership with Global Impact. Emily has been publicly speaking and doing ministry choreography for years, but this was the biggest event she has ever ministered at. I am very amazed at the level to which God has promoted her, and I am even more amazed about what God is doing in Davao City and how the youth are receiving and responding to Jesus by the thousands! We are really seeing God move in this City! It is so wonderful and humbling that God is also allowing us to be part of it. Glory to God!

Davao Youth Fest Emily