Awake Samal Outreaches

Across the bay of Davao City, lies beautiful Samal Island. Even though it is near the city, it is underdeveloped and many of the people there live in poverty seemingly forgotten by the outside world. 

One of the great missionary organizations here, F.I.R.E. International, has a vision and strategy of reaching the entire island of Samal through evangelism. They are having targeted weekly outreaches in every community on the Island. They asked us to participate in their outreaches and teach evangelistic dramas to their team. We joined the first of many outreaches and have already started the drama trainings. I prayed for many people at the first outreach who were instantly healed.

One teenager came to me with a yucky deep cough and asked me to pray for him. I asked him to cough before I prayed and it sounded terrible. I then rebuked the cough and sickness, and commanded his body to be healed by the Stripes of Jesus. After I prayed, I asked him to take a deep breath and cough. His lungs were instantly so clear that he could not cough!
Praise God!